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Project Planning and Management

Project Planning and Management

Our culture and processes provide stability, accountability and leadership skills to our project managers as well as a collaborative mind-set in their dealings with internal and external project stakeholders. As the primary point of contact, the Project Manager works with the client to set the technical vision and design philosophy that will direct engineering design, project scheduling, costing, quality control, and on-site move-in and installation.

An important part of the manager’s responsibility is the management of the project schedule which includes information on planned and allocated resources and specifies who is responsible for each task. The project plan also specifies procedures for agreeing changes in system requirements which may become apparent during the project.

During the course of any project, changes do happen and impact both schedule and budget. However, we have the resources and mechanisms to address both issues. Advance notice of potential conflicts and suggested remedies are provided to our clients with opportunity for cost savings. Resource leveling techniques are also used to minimize labor ‘peaks’. Detailed project planning of this type can also identify dates when major items of equipment are required, and so forecast the cash-flow requirements of the project.

Typical Project Plan would include

All milestones and significant delivery dates

Dependencies between sub-tasks

Outcome of sub-tasks

Start and finish time of sub-tasks

Resourcing and responsibility for sub-tasks

Timescale for client input and sign-off

Delivery Milestones

Specification of works to be undertaken

Draft Acceptance Documents