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Systems Integration

Systems Integration

INC has a team of engineers & installation wiremen who are very experienced in broadcast installations and commissioning. Good installation wiring makes all the difference to the way an installation looks and works. A well managed installation allows reliable system expansion and maintenance throughout the system lifecycle. On completion of the installation, the system is commissioned and checked out both for technical performance and operational requirements.

we have a thorough understanding of broadcast operations and workflow, gained over many years of close co-operation with a wide variety of clients. An essential part of any project is the capture of requirements coupled with the analysis of current workflow and of how it needs to change. Designing systems for the future and optimizing today’s technology requires the depth and breadth of experience for which INC is known for.

In any project, partial or complete system pre-build can be undertaken at our premises prior to on-site implementation depending on the complexity of the job and the client choice. This technique saves time on site and reduces costs specially for overseas projects.

The system testing procedure we follow in INC Broadcast is per the industry highest standards, in which all the major components are tested, Cables path test such as jitters, rise time and amplitude is conducted using special measurement tools. Draft copy of the system testing procedure document is handed over to the client for approval first before testing commence.